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Do you feel safe? Here's something that may help.

DO YOU FEEL SAFE? As a woman To be honest I rarely do... Comment 🖤 if you have been the victim of Gender Based Violence at some point in your life down in the comments below. This is not to trigger you, but to show you that you're not alone. Feeling safe on this beautiful planet 🌏 we call earth, to me, should be a Human Right. And until the changes that we are healing for, protesting for, standing up for and educating for happen, we have companies & individuals like @secanity who create devices and community to help EMPOWER you!

The Woke Safety Alarm Key chain was gifted to me and it's been such a comfort for the past few weeks. It's stylish, portable and gives me peace of mind that when I am alone and in danger I will be heard. I live alone, and I have been a single, independent woman for most of my life. Which means jogging alone, getting into my home alone at night, driving alone in remote locations, you know, just normal things. But I used to feel so much more vulnerable. Now whether you are alone, have a family or live surrounded by people, with the Woke, you will feel safer in emergencies. Check out the Secanity website, and share your own personal safety tips in the comments below. And share this post if you feel called to xx

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