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Natural Beauty

"I've never been a natural All I do is try, try, try." The phenomenal Taylor Swift said it so perfectly in her song Mirror Ball. For most of my life the word NATURAL wasn't something I resonated with. I didn't believe I was a natural beauty. I didn't have natural talent. And when put into social situations I struggled to be my natural self. How could I be NATURAL when most of the world I grew up in was...well...FAKE! Fast forward a few years, many tears and a lot of joyful expansion later, and I'm now able to embrace and love ALL THINGS NATURAL. How did I get here? I surrounded myself with NATURE I accepted my body in its NATURAL STATE I enjoyed spending time with people who where brave enough to show who they were NATURALLY And I filled my life with things, products & brands that where more NATURAL, ORGANIC & IN LOVE WITH NATURE too.

Brands like Oh Lief Natural Products that have gone out of their way to produce clean cosmetics in a world where being NATURAL is quite tough. I was gifted their lovely @ohliefnaturalproducts Natural Aqueous Cream by the team from Hot Oven Marketing and I am in love 🥰 It's a soothing moisturizer for the whole family that is certified organic and contains no pore-blocking mineral oils or petroleum jelly. Brand & products like these really help show us that NATURAL isn't only possible, it's BEAUTIFUL.

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