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Unleash Your Inner Luminary: A Wellness Guide to the Full Moon in Aquarius - August 1st, 2023

The full moon on 1 August 2023 in Aquarius, a visionary and innovative air sign, lights up the skies, inspiring us to seek truth, embrace our individuality, and celebrate the beauty of the collective. This full moon invites us to examine our role within our community and to find balance between our unique selves and the collective.

During this full moon, we may experience a surge of creative energy, a desire to connect with like-minded souls, and a willingness to champion social causes close to our hearts, which is a beautiful energy to be in. So I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, break free from the limiting beliefs that are keeping you small and only looking out for yourself, and let your true selves shine brightly. Because remember, the best thing you can do for the collective is heal yourself and let your light shine brightly.

Inspiration For Each Rising Sign:

  • Aries Rising (Full Moon in 11th House): Embrace your role as a leader within your community. Look at how you have been showing up in your community and in leadership roles, how has it affected your wellbeing? Where can you bring a more holistic approach to your leadership? Affirmation: "I am a beacon of inspiration, empowering others through unity and collaboration."

  • Taurus Rising (Full Moon in 10th House): Embrace your career aspirations and showcase your unique talents. What cycle in your career has come to fulfillment? How are your career habits and rituals impacting your health? How can you bring more balance to your career ambitions, work life and goals? Affirmation: "I confidently express my true self, knowing my worth and potential."

  • Gemini Rising (Full Moon in 9th House): Embrace your thirst for knowledge and embrace spiritual growth. Where have you been holding yourself back from higher learning? Perhaps you're in need of a new traveling adventure to broaden your horizons? Affirmation: "I open my mind to new wisdom, finding joy in learning and expanding my horizons."

  • Cancer Rising (Full Moon in 8th House): Embrace transformation and emotional depth. What has culminated that you can let go of? Are there any underlying fears that have kept you back that you have learned from, and are ready to release? Affirmation: "I release old patterns, embracing my authentic power to create positive change."

  • Leo Rising (Full Moon in 7th House): Embrace the beauty of partnerships and meaningful relationships. What has come to fulfillment in your partnerships and close relationships? Are there any relationships that need a change of energy? Affirmation: "I attract harmonious connections, where love and support flow effortlessly."

  • Virgo Rising (Full Moon in 6th House): Embrace holistic well-being and service to others. How can you take better care of your body and mind in your everyday life? Affirmation: "I nurture my mind, body, and soul, radiating wellness and positivity."

  • Libra Rising (Full Moon in 5th House): Embrace creative expression and joy in life. Where can you add more fun, creativity and play into your life? What passions have you realized need to be nurtured and enjoyed again? How can you embrace that side of yourself more? Affirmation: "I celebrate my unique creativity, finding happiness in self-expression."

  • Scorpio Rising (Full Moon in 4th House): Embrace emotional healing and inner peace at home. What cycle has reached its end with your home and family? How can you bring something to fulfillment with your family dynamics and home environment to create more balance for everyone? Affirmation: "I create a loving sanctuary within, a place of serenity and harmony."

  • Sagittarius Rising (Full Moon in 3rd House): Embrace open communication and knowledge-sharing. Perhaps even with your siblings? Where has communication or creative writing projects become stale that may need to be completed? How can you communicate openly and with confidence? Affirmation: "I fearlessly express my truth, embracing the power of authentic words."

  • Capricorn Rising (Full Moon in 2nd House): Embrace abundance and value your self-worth. Where can you boost your self-esteem? How can you prioritize what is important to you? How are negative thoughts keeping you from the emotional well-being and abundance that you deserve? Affirmation: "I attract prosperity and abundance effortlessly, trusting in my inherent value."

  • Aquarius Rising (Full Moon in 1st House): Embrace your authentic self and celebrate your uniqueness. Old era complete and time to step into a new era perhaps? Your identity will determine your thoughts, feelings, actions and eventually your life. How can you upgrade your identity to suit the future you're creating? And yes, even a style evolution can help! Affirmation: "I am an individual of purpose and vision, shining brightly in my truth."

  • Pisces Rising (Full Moon in 12th House): Embrace spiritual connection and inner reflection. Be very aware of your dreams and what is going on in your subconscious mind (observe your energy and emotions). Tap into your spiritual connection, take good care of your mental health. What do you need to release and allow to release with your mental health? Affirmation: "I trust the universe's guidance, finding peace and inspiration within."

If you need a more physical approach to activate your unique intention with this full moon then try one or all of these simple and transformative rituals:

  • Gather under the Moon: Find a comfortable and quiet space outdoors, ideally under the open sky where you can observe the full moon's beauty and lunar bathe.

  • Set Intentions: Take a moment to set clear and heartfelt intentions. Visualize your path forward, embracing your authentic self and unique gifts.

  • Write Your Truth: In a journal or a piece of paper, write down any limiting beliefs or fears that have been holding you back from embracing your uniqueness and let them go.

  • Release and Burn: One by one, read aloud each belief or fear and let them go. Burn the paper as a symbolic act of release and transformation. In a safe and ventilated space of course, always be aware and safe when working with fire.

  • Meditate: Close your eyes and meditate, allowing the full moon's radiant light to wash over you. Embrace the feeling of connection to the universe and the collective consciousness at this time.

  • Celebrate Your Light: Embrace the beauty of your true self. Honor your uniqueness, knowing that you are an essential part of the cosmic tapestry. Write down 3 things that you appreciate about yourself or that you are grateful for regarding yourself since the last new moon in Aquarius.

  • Gratitude: Before you end the ritual, express gratitude to the beauty that is this world, your own unique journey and the guidance that we have been so freely given.

As we embrace the energy of the full moon in Aquarius, remember to celebrate our uniqueness, our diversity, and to share our light with the world. Remember gorgeous soul, you are an essential part of the interconnected universe. Embrace your journey of self-discovery and know that you are allowed to shine brightly.

May this full moon be a time of empowerment, authenticity, and connection as we celebrate the beauty of our individuality and the magic of the collective.

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