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5-Day Winter Wellness Challenge

Learn how to be your healthiest self this Winter

No diets, no fad, just harnessing the power of Nature to create wellness! And best of all . . . it's FREE!

Join the Free 5-Day Winter Wellness Challenge NOW!

Challenge dates - 7 to 11 June 2021


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Eirean Bowker - Thrive Fitness

W I N T E R  I S  T H E  S E A S O N

that we have a natural tendency to go inward, and it's the perfect time to invest extra energy into your health & wellness!

Did you know every part of the year has a different collective energy?

This in turn affects your personal energy and physical body. 


I used to hate Winter


I felt fatigued, sluggish, cold, run down and not my usual energetic and vibrant self.


Until I learned how to

  • Enjoy the changing of the seasons by adjusting my diet

  • Change my lifestyle patterns slightly at this time of year to be in sync with the flow of the Seasons 

  • And embrace the natural flow that happens in Winter


Once I understood and implemented these things I experienced more energy, a healthier body, better mental health and I loved the Wintertime for the first time EVER!


And I want to show you how you can experience that too!


So I turned my 3-week Winter Wellness Program into a 5-Day Challenge so that you can reap massive benefits in the shortest amount of time. And it's all FREE!

Here's What You'll Learn

  • What Seasonal fruits and vegetables to eat during the Winter months

  • What types of food nourish your body most during Winter

  • How to harness the power of spices and the role they play to boost your health in Winter

  • Supplements and herbs to enhance your health this Winter

  • Holistic practices including breathwork, journal practices, etc to add to your life during the Winter months so that you harvest abundant mental and physical health come Spring

  • Daily Live Coaching Session in the Private Facebook Page

  • Daily Worksheets


  • Year-long Seasonal eating list

  • Oils and beauty tips to keep your skin glowing all Winter

  • Winter inspired recipes

  • Access to the new LIVEit private Facebook group where you can connect with the rest of the community and share your experience etc

  • Giveaways and discount codes from some of my favorite brands!


Are you ready to have your healthiest Winter yet?


Join the Free 5-Day Winter Wellness Challenge NOW!

Challenge dates - 7 to 11 June 2021

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