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If I could give you ONE gift to improve every area of your life, it would be a daily Meditation Practice

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the pressures and uncertainties in life?

  • Is your mind filled with a thousand thoughts a second and you have no control over them?

  • Is your body feeling drained, lacking energy, and run down?

  • Are your emotions and moods as unpredictable as the weather?

  • Are you having trouble focusing on a task or a problem you need to solve?

Then THIS 7-Day Meditation Course is for YOU!

Meditation activates the healing mechanisms in our bodies and has been linked to:

  • Improved sleep

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Supported Immune Function

  • Slowing Down the Aging Process

  • Reduced risk of Stress-Related Illnesses

  • Better Skin Condition

  • Improved Sex Life

  • Reducing Chronic Pain

  • Increased Energy

  • Better Athletic Performance


It also helps with our Mental & Emotional health and has been shown to:

  • Reduce Stress

  • Reduce Anxiety

  • Help people suffering from Disordered Eating

  • Improved Memory Retention

  • Improved Problem Solving

  • Fewer Mood Swings

Watch the Promo Video below

The great thing about meditation is that it really is for EVERYONE

It doesn't matter whether you are young or old, have your life figured out or not. 

You can be wealthy or poor, driven or resting, meditation will benefit you where you are.

It's not something you are 'good' at, it's a skill you practice.

It's more than just sitting, it's a deep rest for your body & mind. It's not the same as sleeping, it's more effective at getting your body to relax.

Its benefits are endless, but they are impossible to experience if you don't start!

This 7-day meditation course is designed to teach you about the benefits of meditation for your mind & body and encourages you to turn meditation into a daily practice, whether you are a beginner or have meditated before.

It includes a variety of meditations to use for different occasions ranging from short 5-minute meditations all the way up to a 15-20 minute meditations, focusing on different themes and breathing styles each day.

What this course consists of:

  • 7 video lessons for each day of the week - explaining the how, why and where of everyday meditation

  • 7 Guided meditations that are downloadable for you to use in different areas of your life

  • A guide to the different types of meditation and how and when to use each one

  • An overview of all the health benefits of meditation

  • Bonus resource material to ensure you are well equipped for your new Meditation Practice

  • Bonus downloadable Afrikaans Meditation

Transform your health and transform your life by enrolling today once-off for only



When you invest in your health and wellness, you transform your entire life

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