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Melissa has a variety of options for your wellness co-creation

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new era of
wellness awaits


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One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Create a holistic wellness plan for your life that is unique to you and your needs

Book your one-on-one time with Melissa where she will help you understand your Health History, see past your blocks, and get a Holistic and sustainable plan of action for YOUR unique, individual health journey.

Don't book this if you're not ready to transform the way you feel about yourself and ready to nourish parts of you that have never been nourished YOU!


speaking engagement

Looking for a genuine, positive and passionate speaker for your event?

Melissa brings a powerful and energized style of speaking & coaching that allows an audience to break through limiting and outdated beliefs about their health and their potential. 

If you are looking for a light-hearted but potent keynote speaker for your upcoming event, leadership seminar, training seminar, motivational speaking event, or webinar that will help you see your health in a whole new light, contact the MLW Team today.


I gained more joy for life.

A better understanding of my body.

A better understanding of how important mindset is.

A different perspective on so many things.
I also feel like I have so many tools now to use in just improving my health which makes me feel empowered.

Tanielle Williams

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new offering for 1:1 coaching,
group coaching and the
new monthly membership
rolling out January 2024.

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