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Hi! I'm Melissa

I am so happy that you found my site and connected with it.

Here's a little more about me:


I am an Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach dedicated to help you ditch diets, transform your health and find the  freedom with food, the energy in your body and vitality in your mind that you've always wanted.

Born and raised in South Africa, I have always had an optimism about life and dreamed of being healthy and happy more than anything else. 

"You've always been a Coach!"

Those were the first words my best friend told me when I decided to make a career as a Health Coach by studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2018. Well, it makes sense if you understand a little about my health journey...

I grew up as a sickly child, always having food allergies, asthma, IBS and more. It took it's toll on my body and my mind, but, for some reason I always believed that I deserved to live a good life, a better life. And I knew that if that was going to happen, it would be up to me, because all the adults in my life were way too negative for my liking. 

So, I went on a journey of discovery that lasted years.

Years of reading books about the mind-body connection, how to heal not only your body, but your life, books about good nutrition, what our bodies need and why our food & health care systems aren't designed to help us flourish. As I learned more, I taught and 'coached' those around me (whether they wanted to listen or not), sharing all of the amazing insights. All in the effort of finding 1 way of living a healthy, happy life.


But I never found it, because I realized that every body has different needs, and the only person who can change your health, is YOU!

To keep a long story short -

All my roads lead me to the realization that:

'When you heal your mind, you heal your body.'


Whether it's a food addiction, binge eating, a chronic illness, lack of energy, sleeplessness, acne or any one of the dis-eases that appear in our bodies because of stress, wrong nutrition or life happening. The journey to healing any of them, starts with the right state of mind.

I no longer have constant fatigue, asthma, IBS, skin conditions, or a bad relationship with food/my body. 

I no longer obsess about weight, jean size, what I ate or how much I exercised. 

I no longer punish my body for unhealed hurts in my mind. 

Now, I eat delicious food, I listen to my body, I use my mind to help me achieve whatever results I need while taking care of my vessel that allows to have fun, enjoy life, create, love and serve. I live on a beautiful farm, surrounded by Nature, doing what I love on a daily basis. This is a far stretch from the little 'sick girl' who only dreamed of health and happiness.

And that is what I want to support YOU in creating. 

Whether it's through 1:1 Coaching, online programs or courses, or a Virtual event or Retreat, my intention is always the same: 

To help you create HEALTH in your mind & body. 

And this is your opportunity!

NOW is always the best time to invest in your health & wellness.

I look forward to being on a journey of health with you!

Love & Light