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In The Business of Healing

I don't know about you but February is the month when I actually begin to find my groove again when it comes to work and career ambitions.

I was honored to be featured in a few publications this January and in the conversation with Go Solo by Subkit, I was asked to share more about my Coaching Business, which is something I never really get the opportunity to look back on or talk about.

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Answering the various questions reminded me of a few things when it comes to having a side hustle, being an entrepreneur, or building a career that is actually fulfilling, which I also wanted to share with YOU.

1. Business is a spiritual game.

I remember hearing Tony Robbins say that years ago and the more I heal and the bigger my business grows the more I know this is true. Don't try and separate the two. Care deeply about your customer, use your spiritual gifts in business, allow it to help you grow, and take a look at your Shadow that will make an appearance every now and then, usually on a Monday haha. Business can be one of the best spaces to heal triggers, grow into the person you want to be, serve others and make this world a place you'd be proud to live in.

2. Start, and the pressure will be off.

It's one of the Sutras for the Aquarian age that Yogi Bhajan shared and I recall it often when it comes to business. A lot of stress is caused by INACTION, by not-doing, by putting things off until the last minute, etc. Now there are many fascinating reasons why you might do that, but there is always one solution, action, however small, action changes the energy and takes a lot of the pressure off of yourself or the situation.

3. All of your power lies in the NOW.

Listen to your spiritual big sister now, as much as you love planning, predicting, and preparing for what the future will hold, your true power lies in the present moment. So many times I preemptively judged something as being good or bad or prepared for the worst possible outcome only for things to turn out beautifully. I started actually living the principles that Eckhart Tolle teaches in his book The Power Of Now and it made such a big impact on how I do business. I fully rely on the present moment, the here and now, to unfold and gift me with whatever opportunity comes. Yes, I still plan, and yes, I still hope for and prepare for things in advance, but I know that the magic of life, the thrill of business, and the growth that I might need to heal, will only be available at that moment, in the present.

Have you grabbed your copy of the Jan/Feb Women's Health SA? I'm featured! Share a pic of you with the magazine with me on @mlwelllness I'd love to see you.

4. There will always be more work, there will not always be the YOU, you are right now.

As much as I enjoy what I do and the businesses I have created and worked for one of my biggest lessons was realizing that there will ALWAYS be work to do, so I will need to learn how to prioritize myself and my wellness regardless. Carving out time, and making yourself and your life a priority isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. There will always be more to do, but there is only one YOU, and they deserve to experience more of this life than simply working!

5. Prepare for your success.

How many times do you prepare to fail, for things to go wrong, for the worst possible outcome? And how many times in your career have you actually prepared, physically, mentally, and spiritually, for your success? There's a trend going around called 'Lucky Girl Syndrome' where people simply believe that they are lucky and that good things happen to them, this is a simple form of preparing for your success. There are so many positive studies about the power of visualization, of embodying the person you want to become before even manifesting it, about preparing your environment and making plans for future success and then reaching it in record time that proves the point that the brave, prepare for their success. This simple principle has made my business almost double in a year's time and has brought amazing opportunities my way that I didn't even imagine possible. It's my not-so-secret weapon, and I really encourage you to begin every project, every week, every day, planning for your success.

Because I'm so passionate about workplace wellness I will be offering Holistic Workplace Wellness Workshops in 2023, so be sure to reach out to my team at to find out more.

Here are just a few of the ways that holistic health can benefit your career and work life:

  • Improved Focus and Productivity: Taking care of your physical health through regular exercise, healthy eating, and adequate sleep can help you feel more energized and focused throughout the day. This can lead to increased productivity, which is essential for career success.

  • Better Stress Management: Chronic stress can negatively impact your health and work performance. By prioritizing holistic health, you can better manage stress and stay more focused and productive, even in challenging work environments.

  • Enhanced Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills: When we prioritize our mental and emotional health, we become better equipped to think creatively and solve problems. This can lead to new opportunities and a more fulfilling work experience.

  • Increased Confidence and Resilience: When we feel good about ourselves and our health, we naturally exude confidence and resilience. This can lead to new opportunities, better relationships, and greater success in our careers.

By prioritizing holistic health, we can not only improve our work performance and career prospects but also increase our overall happiness and fulfillment.

Take the first step towards holistic health today by learning how to incorporate small changes into your daily routine that actually make s big impact on your well-being. Or share your favorite holistic workplace wellness hack with me in the comments below or by tagging me in a post on your favorite social media platform.

And remember:

You matter

You are love

The world is a better place simply by you being here

So chill out a little and have more fun

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