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Matter Over Mind?

What's more important:

Mind over matter or matter over mind?

I was invited to be a guest on the Matter Over Mind Experience Podcast and had a blast talking about this concept.

When it comes to your health I don't think one is more important than the other, to be honest. In the book "The Science of Getting Rich' the author Wallace Wattles explains in such a beautiful way that you can't really separate mind or thought from the physical because it is all energy.

"Thoughts have energy...and have an enormous impact on the physical reality." - Wallace Wattles, the Science of Getting Rich.

And the state that your body is in has a massive effect on your mind and emotions. When an emotion is triggered in your brain, it sends a series of impulses all over your brain and body. Physically, each emotion contains a program that causes very specific physiological changes that ready us for action. We can sense these changes physically by paying attention to our bodies. Our thoughts and emotions are in our bodies, they can't be separated.

So think about your own healing journey for a moment.

Is your body in dis-ease and it's making it really difficult to do physical things? Then perhaps use your mind in a powerful way by using positive thoughts to send healing energy to your body or consuming positive content that will help your body become stronger?

Or you could be struggling mentally with negative looping thoughts or habit patterns that don't serve you at the moment. Get out of your head and into your body for a while! Take cooking classes, go for a run, get friends together and go for a hike. Do something physical to give your mind a little bit of a break until it's back on track.

As humans we were taught to wrestle a problem to the ground or to overcome it but that can put more negative energy towards an already negative situation. Sometimes, I have found, it's better to lay off it for a little while. To enjoy the things that are already going well, let the negative momentum subside, and get back to the thing you consider a problem in a little while.

If your mind is strong use the mind over matter technique to level up your life, but if your matter is stronger rely on that for a little while until you find your balance again.

Healing isn't one size fits all, find what works for you and embrace the experience!

To learn more about my own health journey be sure to listen to the Mind Over Matter Experience interview today!

*If you feel like you're ready to go on your own holistic healing journey reach out to me! I have amazing one-on-one coaching options available where we can go on a journey together to help your body, mind, and spirit heal. No diets, no restrictions, and punishment. Healing holistically and breaking through all the bullsh*t! You're worth it!

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