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Sweet Spring Platter

I love a good platter. And I usually go for a nice savoury platter with hummus and tons of crackers and veggies. But for Spring I wanted to make something sweet, delicious and simple for you to enjoy outside in the sunshine with friends and loved ones.

The star of the show is definitely the sweet Chocolate & Coconut Cream dip made with my favorite De Villiers 70% Dark Chocolate Bar. It's creamy and delicious and will leave you wanting more.

Here's to celebrating the new season!

Chocolate & Coconut Cream:


1 can of Coconut Cream


Melt the De Villiers Chocolate Bar over a double boiler (heatproof bowl over a pot filled with warm water), stirring until everything is melted. Set aside to cool slightly. Whip the coconut cream only (leave the water for a smoothie or another recipe). Slowly add the melted chocolate and whip until well combined. Transfer to bowl and let it set in the fridge for another 20min.


Platter Ingredient ideas

Naartjies dipped in melted De Villiers Dark Chocolate Bar, sprinkled with sea salt

Strawberries dipped in melted De Villiers Dark Chocolate Bar

raw almonds

Reduced Sugar Coconut Cookies from Simple truth at Checkers




Pieces of your favorite De Villiers Dark Chocolate Bar

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